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Re: [RFC] foobar-devel or libfoobar?!

Stipe Tolj wrote:

Hi list,

I'm packaging mysql-4.0.17 (without server) for dependency to various
packages that I'll support, ie. mod_auth_mysql for the mysql based
HTTP basic authentication for Apache and the new PHP module.

Now I get into a question: According how maintainers do, it seems that libraries, header files
and base client programs are packages as "foobar-devel" with the same
version-revision tagging. Unfortunatly this is mileading to the things
reflected in the page, where such a
package is about to be named "libfoobar".

So can we have a discurs on how a unique naming scheme can be
entitled?! Should the mysql client programs, libraries and headers be
named "mysql-devel" or "libmysql"?

foo-devel for all the developer needed files: headers, link libraries, devel documentation ...
libfoo1 for the DLL for ABI version 1 with only the cygfoo1.dll file.
libfoo2 for the DLL for ABI version 2

When I make a new wget package I have to install gettext and gettext-devel.
But those using wget only need libintl2.

BTW, this one was build with a modified generic-build-script (yes, I took the note cerious that it is not a generic one ;). But I don't see actually how I can make the libraries build dynamically too. Currently I do build them pure statically and afterwards use a "" script (should be known on the list) to produce the shared DLLs and the import libraries. Is there a more convinient way to do this using the generic-build-script directlty?


Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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