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Re: ImageMagick/Graphicsmagick

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

No, Bob did not "chime in". He was specifically Cc'd on the list to ask
his opinion on how to best structure the ImageMagick packages given an
obvious (and already discovered by the time he was contacted) problem with
shared library naming. Why he was contacted instead of you is on Chuck
Wilson's head -- my guess is because his name was sprinkled all over the
ImageMagick ChangeLog/CVS log relating to the build process.

Two reasons:
1) I'm the maintainer of libtool for cygwin. Bob is one of the official upstream maintainers of libtool. During summer 2002 and up thru November 2002, I was working with Bob on fixing some libtool issues -- and his "test bed" for these *libtool* changes was the ImageMagick codebase. In retrospect, it seems that this was BEFORE GraphicMagick forked -- so I presume that at THAT time, Bob was a "developer in good standing" with the IM team. I gather, tho, now that I've scanned the relevant mailing lists, that even then there was some discord developing.

2) Some time later, Bob emailed ME privately asking about the procedures for contributing a package to cygwin -- something called "GraphicsMagick" that *I* believed was an addon to ImageMagick. Bob specifically asked about "do I need to also contribute prereqs". The answer, of course, was "Yes, all official packages may only depend on other official packages." and I never heard anything on the subject again.
I assumed that IM was a prereq for GM, and that Bob was unwilling to provide IM as a package, just to enable him to provide his "add-on" GM package. I viewed this as a fairly sane decision since IM (and GM, of course, now that I've learned that it is a fork of IM) are each a gigantic beast of a package...

So, when a question arose concerning IM, libtool, library versioning issues, and packaging it for cygwin -- of course I thought of Bob. (Why would *I* take it upon myself to go ask the upstream IM maintainer something? That would've been stomping all over Harold's turf! But I *could* go ask *my* contact, with whom *I* had worked on IM previously... I had no knowledge of the fork, or the dispute that caused it, at the time)


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