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Re: ImageMagick/Graphicsmagick

> How many developers have you still got?  There doesn't seem to be much 
> evidence of other developers on the project anymore.

Clearly you have made up your mind so it seems a waste of time to answer
questions you don't really care about but here goes.  We have 7 developers
mostly part time.  I am the original author and full-time developer of
ImageMagick and a majority of the GraphicsMagick was written by me.

> We had a discussion on the cygwin-apps mailing list; unfortunately, the 
> discussion might not have always had ImageMagick in the subject, so you 
> might not be able to find all of the messages.  The gist of the 

I found them all.

> discussion was that, regardless of stated intentions, the way that 
> ImageMagick was handling ABI version numbers was going to cause problems 
> on Cygwin.  Someone else can pipe in with the details if you ask again, 
> but I was satisified with the results of the discussion.

GraphicsMagick has the same ABI versioning numbers as ImageMagick.  ImageMagick
starts at 6 rather than 1 since previous versions of ImageMagick was at 5.

> Are we not adults capable of making our own decisions?  Bob had nothing 
> to do with this discussion and he has nothing to do with the fact that 
> there is a problem with the way that ImageMagick is handling library 
> version numbers.

Bob chimed in on your mailing list and I was responding to that message.

> Hasn't been a problem for us so far.  If you want to prove us wrong, 
> you'd better be prepared to submit some step-by-step examples of how to 
> generate such cases and describe why the differing results are 
> meaningful.  Assuming that you do that, why should we care?  We've only 

I could submit step-by-step examples but why waste my time since you do
claim you do not care.

> had the ImageMagick package for less than a month and, quite frankly, it 
> is easier to maintain the GraphicsMagick package because the build files 
> don't create empty directories that I have to go back and delete by 
> hand, among other things.

That's an excellant criteria for choosing a package for the entire CYGWIN
community :-).

> Nope.  I packaged ImageMagick, then I found GraphicsMagick and was 
> convinced (by the code, not rhetoric) that it is superior for our 
> purposes.  I will not continue to package ImageMagick; I will only 
> continue to package GraphicsMagick.

Again, you have not investigating the best solution here.  You have
made up you mind based on just a few criteria and you are shoving it
down everyones throat.  Given your strong statements and clear unwillingness
to discuss which project is best based on merit, don't bother replying.
I will not waste anymore of the CYGWIN community's time on a dead subject.
I will tell the CYGWIN community that ImageMagick Studio intends to 
have full support of ImageMagick 5.5.7 and 5.5.8 Beta for CYGWIN and both
source and binaries will be available on

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