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Re: [PATCH] Setup: make "Local Dir" and "Root" dialogs resizeable


On Sun, 7 Dec 2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Hi,
> I realized it's been a while since I sent a patch to setup to this list,
> so here's one that makes the "Root Directory" (IDD_ROOT) and "Local
> Package Directory" (IDD_LOCAL_DIR) dialogs resizeable.  Unfortunately,
> this required a change to resource.h - apologies to setup developers with
> slow machines.  One caveat to this patch is that it will not resize the
> "Install For" and "Default Text File Type" group boxes (although it will
> resize the radio buttons inside the boxes)[*].  As usual, the ChangeLog is
> below.
>         Igor
> [*] This was done intentionally, in hopes that there will eventually be a
> change to ControlAdjuster::ControlInfo::adjust that will loop through
> *all* dialog items with a given id.  Frank Richter claimed it was possible
> (in <>), but try as
> I might searching MSDN and the web, I couldn't figure out how to retrieve
> more than one dialog control with a particular id, so any pointers are
> appreciated.  In the meantime, you can comment out the IDC_ROOT_SYSTEM,
> prevent those controls from moving.
> ==============================================================================
> ChangeLog:
> 2003-12-07  Igor Pechtchanski  <>
>         * resource.h (IDC_GROUPBOX): New control id.
>         * res.rc (IDD_ROOT): Change the control id of the group boxes
>         to IDC_GROUPBOX.
>         (IDD_LOCAL_DIR): Ditto.
>         * (RootControlsInfo): Position specifiers for root dir
>         selection dialog controls.
>         * (LocalDirControlsInfo): Position specifiers for
>         local dir selection dialog controls.

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