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Re: [ITP] xemacs: A powerful, highly customizable open source texteditor and application development system

>>>>> "Nicholas" == Nicholas Wourms writes:

    Nicholas> As I'm sure you know, RPM handles conflicts gracefully while setup
    Nicholas> mostly does not.  Therefore, this makes things more complicated on
    Nicholas> Cygwin, since conflicting packages can actually lead to conflicting
    Nicholas> files not being installed at all.  I would *strongly* urge that we not
    Nicholas> intentionally allow any conflicts at all (at least not at this point),
    Nicholas> as it can lead to all sorts of problems.  IIRC from the last
    Nicholas> ctags/emacs fiasco, Corinna made her stance on conflicting ctags
    Nicholas> known:  she would have none of that.  However, since these conflicts
    Nicholas> all share a similar, albeit forked, codebase, wouldn't it be better,
    Nicholas> in the long run, if we just merged them into a single package?  Since
    Nicholas> I'm the one asking, I'll check out the sources later on and see if
    Nicholas> this is possible.  If nothing else, I'm pretty good at merging code
    Nicholas> from forks :-).

So, is it possible ?

    Nicholas> Cheers,
    Nicholas> Nicholas


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