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Re: [ITP] xemacs: A powerful, highly customizable open source texteditor and application development system

Dr Volker Zell wrote

I'll try if it works.

It should now since the latest X11 has fixed libXt so that a shared Xaw3d works...

    Charles> that.  I also suspect that --with-dragndrop won't work with an X-based
    Charles> build of XEmacs on cygwin (at least, not in the way we Windows denizens
    Charles> would X-only drag-n-drop wouldn't be that helpful.

Why not? We have other X11 packages which could utilize this. Plus, Harold's on a mission to knock the number of X11 packages sky-high, so undoubtly we'll see many more applications which will utilize this.

Charles> FWIW, on my Mandrake system, the following files are in an Charles> "xemacs-extras" package: Charles> /usr/bin/b2m Charles> /usr/bin/ctags Charles> /usr/bin/etags Charles> /usr/bin/ootags Charles> /usr/bin/rcs-checkin Charles> /usr/share/doc/xemacs-extras-21.4.12 Charles> /usr/share/doc/xemacs-extras-21.4.12/README Charles> /usr/share/man/man1/ctags.1.bz2 Charles> /usr/share/man/man1/etags.1.bz2

We can make an xemacs-extra package, but there's still the conflict with the ctags package.

Are the source code differences mutually exclusive or is one a subset of the other. Perhaps merging the changes into the other packages might be the way to go? AFAIK, ctags and friends don't depend on any emacs-specific share libs, right?

    Charles> There's a problem with your proposed distribution: you *MUST* distribute
    Charles> all relevant source code, including libraries.  It's not acceptable for
    Charles> us to provide an xemacs binary which is linked against a static LDAP
    Charles> library yet not also provide the source for that LDAP library.

    Charles> I'm afraid you'll either need to turn off LDAP support, or ITP an LDAP
    Charles> package.
I think I go for an LDAP package...

Not necessarily, those aren't your only options. If he's using it statically, then all that is really needed is to provide the source in the xemacs tarball and have the build script build it. There is no need to ITP the whole thing if all that you want is the client library part. This is done by a couple of other packages which use external static libs.


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