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I would like to contribute and maintain the ISC DHCP package:

    Base  : <>
    Patch : <>
    Patch : <>

I'll cheerfully admit that I had little (if anything) to do with
porting this - there was already a Cygwin patch for 3.0.1rc11, and
the PXE patch applied with only a little bit of hand-editing.

The package provides all tools and utilities, though it notes that
everything save the dhcp server is untested.  I'll be taking some
additional looks at the server and the other utilities next week.

There's still some work to be done to get the default configuration
set up properly so it will run "OOB" if desired.

To quote from the web page:

    ISC's Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution
    provides a freely redistributable reference implementation
    of all aspects of the DHCP protocol, through a suite of
    DHCP tools:

    * A DHCP server
    * A DHCP client
    * A DHCP relay agent

    These tools all use a modular API which is designed to be
    sufficiently general that it can easily be made to work
    on POSIX-compliant operating systems and also non-POSIX
    systems like Windows NT and MacOS.


    Source     : <>
    Binary     : <>
    setup.hint : <>


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