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Re: [ITP] xemacs: A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application development system

Nicholas Wourms wrote:
Dr Volker Zell wrote:


I would like to contribute and maintain the xemacs package:

 *                         (Homepage)
 *          (Download location)

Hi Dr Zell,

FYI, the emacs provided via setup is Xemacs, not GNU emacs. So this is already provided by the emacs-* packages and is maintained by Joe Buehler. I'm not sure if the elisp packages it provides is as all-inclusive as the sumo version, so he'd be the guy to talk to regarding that.

Bzzt. Thanks for playing.

The emacs packages ARE, in fact, FSF GNU Emacs. Personally, I prefer XEmacs, so I welcome this addition.

So +1 from me.

My concern is this:

The XEmacs people have their own distribution of XEmacs for cygwin -- they even adapted our setup.exe for the purpose. I'd really hate to tick them off by "stepping on their turf" by providing a redundant, competing, package.

Volker, have you contacted the maintainer of the cygwin-XEmacs distro on the xemacs-nt mailing list, and discussed your intentions with him?


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