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Re: [Review - not yet] Re: [ITP] gtypist-2.7

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Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote:

>Yes, but the detection will happen on the *packager's* system, and the
>files will be installed (or not installed) on the *user's* system.  So, if
>you want to re-create the full package, you better have emacs on your
>system, but emacs is not needed to install and use the package.  So, it's
>a build-time requirement, but not a run-time one.  Does this make sense?

I think we're discussing semantics.  To build a full package, you need 
emacs and perl (to run help2man).  If you just want to run the tutor, you 
don't need either.  If you want to make new gtypist lessons, then you need 
them.  So emacs and perl we could call runtime optional.  I wonder how 
other packages deal with such issues.

>It's your call on this.  IMO, since typefortune is more of a "development"
>tool (i.e., "normal" users will probably never need it), it probably
>doesn't make sense to drag the whole perl in...  But ultimately you, as
>the packager, decide.
>Leave emacs out of setup.hint.  Those who'll want to use the emacs mode
>will have emacs installed anyway.  See above for perl.

My only thought was that if we install files without assuring the 
requirements for _everything_ are also installed, then we get a bunch of 
"how come I can't use typefortune" type of questions (despite this being 
noted in the Cygwin README).  If this is a non-issue however, then both 
can be left off setup.hint, and listed as optional in the Cygwin README.

There is another option, to make a seperate typefortune package with just
typefortune and the emacs mode, which would requires emacs, perl, and 
gtypist.  That way the above scenario is avoided.  On the other hand this 
does seem maybe a bit extreme.  Thoughts?

>Yeah, I saw the "generic-build-script" message...  Perhaps the mods could
>be propagated back to it, somehow.

How should patches to the generic-build-script be presented anyway?  I have
a few of my own to share.

>Judging by the above list of packages that distribute help2man, just stick
>it in the source distro.  It's not that large.  Although I would put it in
>the regular source dir, not CYGWIN-PATCHES...  Oh, and you'd need to
>change GEN_MAN in and configure to something like
>"$(srcdir)/help2man ./gtypist -o gtypist.1", anyway).

You're right, putting it in the source dir makes more sense, since 
configure needs to find it.  I'm trying to get it to work with the 
modified configure, but in the middle of make it keeps re-configuring.  

>IMO, there's nothing wrong with help2man being dependent on perl.  But
>again, I think you can simply include the script in the source distro.

That's not the problem.  The versions of help2man after 1.29 require a perl
*module* Locale::gettext, and configure will fail without it.  This does
not come with the perl package, but I was able to build and install it 
locally.  The help2man-1.33.1 configure completes, but make chokes at the beginning.  This is not a problem with help2man-1.29 and earlier, since there is no l10n in those versions, and I have packaged it locally and put
it on my website (you can download it with setup.exe from there).

So the question is if it's worth having a not-so-current help2man in the 
distro to make things easier with all these packages that require it, or 
if only current versions suffice, then to start getting into the business 
of distributing perl modules, which I haven't noticed being done so far.
I guess that's its own thread, but something to discuss.
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