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Re: upset and the setup.exe package server

> Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> > I know that it doesn't come up very often, but we have had the 
> > occasional question about upset before Mark's. For the last while
> > I've been jotting things down and this got me to put up a web page
> > about the "Package Server", how to create a local mirror, and how
> > to create a custom mirror at:
> > 
> > <>
> >
--- Harold L Hunt II <> wrote:
> This is cool.  I did a search on Google today for "upset Cygwin" and 
> your page is the seventh result.  However, I think that the title of the 
> page or the intro could be tweaked to get more people to realize that 
> your page is the page that they are looking for to find out how to 
> create Cygwin setup.ini files.  Given all that I know about Cygwin, 
> setup.ini, upset, and packaging, a cursory view of your page caused me 
> to toss it because I didn't think that it pertained to what I was 
> looking for (I wanted to send Mark a link that described how to create a 
> setup.ini file).  Maybe it would be a good idea to add a subtitle (The 
> Cygwin Package Server: How to create a custom setup.ini file for 
> Cygwin's setup.exe).

Heh. I didn't know anyone else knew about that page, but apparently it's
linked to. I've added a lot since Google indexed it, though, just 
look at their cache. Your suggestion about the title was well taken, I've
changed it to "The Cygwin setup.exe Package Server" since I don't know of any
other name for the thing. I also added a sentence about setup.ini at the
beginning and some links so you don't have to scroll down to see the "custom"

I do link to <> which truly documents the setup.ini
and setup.hint files. Maybe that page would be a good place to add some
comments about upset?

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