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Re: upset and the setup.exe package server


Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

I know that it doesn't come up very often, but we have had the occasional question about upset before Mark's. For the last while
I've been jotting things down and this got me to put up a web page
about the "Package Server", how to create a local mirror, and how
to create a custom mirror at:


This is cool. I did a search on Google today for "upset Cygwin" and your page is the seventh result. However, I think that the title of the page or the intro could be tweaked to get more people to realize that your page is the page that they are looking for to find out how to create Cygwin setup.ini files. Given all that I know about Cygwin, setup.ini, upset, and packaging, a cursory view of your page caused me to toss it because I didn't think that it pertained to what I was looking for (I wanted to send Mark a link that described how to create a setup.ini file). Maybe it would be a good idea to add a subtitle (The Cygwin Package Server: How to create a custom setup.ini file for Cygwin's setup.exe).


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