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On Dec  8 16:34, J?rg Schaible wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote on Monday, December 08, 2003 11:29 AM:
> > #ifdef _PATH_DEFPATH
> > #undef _PATH_DEFPATH
> > #define _PATH_DEFPATH
> > "/usr/bin:/bin:/WINDOWS/system32:/WINDOWS:/WINDOWS/COMMAND/WIN
> > DOWS/system32/Wbem" #endif
> > 
> > which contains both, NT and 9x paths.  We could perhaps even
> > change /usr/include/paths.h to reflect this, at one point.
> Just one side note: Are you sure, that the orthography of all these subdirectories is the same for all Windows plattforms (at least with VFAT or NTFS)? You might get problems with the strict setting otherwise.

The above given paths are the sum of the minimal paths given on
9x and NT.  /WINDOWS is given on both, /WINDOWS/COMMAND is given
on 9x/Me, /WINDOWS/system32 and /WINDOWS/system32/Wbem are the paths
on NT systems.  I don't see a need so far to extend these paths
since $PATH doesn't need to have all paths you can think of, but
the minimal paths which allow to run applications from a subprocess
of a daemon.  The important paths are the ones which contain DLLs,
not even the paths to Windows native commands are really necessary
for that.


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