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[ITP - Ready for review] GraphicsMagick

[This package will replace ImageMagick for various reasons.  One of
those reasons is that the GM folks are committed to provide ABI
stability and proper version numbers, whereas IM is not making such a
committment and has already made various arbitrary changes to ABI
version numbers.]

I would like to contribute and maintain GraphicsMagick:

Tester's Notes
You can point Cygwin's setup.exe to the following address to download
and test the GraphicsMagick package:

Reviewer's Notes ================ 1) I moved the bin/*-config scripts into the -devel package.

2) I moved the /usr/lib/GraphicsMagick-1.0.4 directory into the main
package... but I think it probably should go in the libGraphicsMagick0
package instead.  Chuck and I have been discussing this a lot but I got
confused about where the final location should be; I also realized that
I don't know what the final location should be, so I want to get some
instruction before I move this directory again.  The deciding issue
would be whether the libraries query /usr/lib/GraphicsMagick-1.0.4 or
whether only gm.exe queries it; if the libraries query it then the
directory must be in the libGraphicsMagick0 package, right?

3) You'll notice that the patch file changes the script to
report 1.0.4 (it was reporting 1.0.5), while the official source
tarballs don't need this change.  The reason is that I told Bob about
this fix and he changed the 1.0.4 source tarballs instead of bumping the
version number to 1.0.6... I have not grabbed the newest 1.0.4 source
tarball so I still have the patch.

4) My build is done with --enable-shared but without --with-modules
(these are what I used for ImageMagick too).  It seems from the
discussions that the /usr/lib/GraphicsMagick-1.0.4 directory does not
need to be broken out into a separate versioned package and can be left
in either GraphicsMagick or libGraphicsMagick0 (see #2 above).

------------------------ cut here -------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash

mkdir GraphicsMagick
cd GraphicsMagick

wget \

wget \

wget \

mkdir libGraphicsMagick0
cd libGraphicsMagick0

wget \

wget \

cd ..
mkdir libGraphicsMagick-devel
cd libGraphicsMagick-devel

wget \

wget \
------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------

MD5 sums:

0fbfb35218b8a577336849030a877e2b *./GraphicsMagick-1.0.4-1-src.tar.bz2
62f1225540aa6fcf293efa6fe6911d8c *./GraphicsMagick-1.0.4-1.tar.bz2
149e44c2a070ea7cea3ea52b43aba37a *./libGraphicsMagick-devel/setup.hint
cc1846262c4ce0277166d6947f71540d *./libGraphicsMagick0/setup.hint
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e *./md5.sum
3cb9210d7f7f7306d9b95fce981aa7cd *./setup.hint


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