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Re: [ITP - Ready for review] GraphicsMagick

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Reviewer's Notes
1) I moved the bin/*-config scripts into the -devel package.


2) I moved the /usr/lib/GraphicsMagick-1.0.4 directory into the main package... but I think it probably should go in the libGraphicsMagick0 package instead. Chuck and I have been discussing this a lot but I got confused about where the final location should be; I also realized that I don't know what the final location should be, so I want to get some instruction before I move this directory again. The deciding issue would be whether the libraries query /usr/lib/GraphicsMagick-1.0.4 or whether only gm.exe queries it; if the libraries query it then the directory must be in the libGraphicsMagick0 package, right?

The libraries query it -- so I think that it should go into the libGM0 package (or another package with the same '0' suffix, if you want libGM0 to be "dll only".

4) My build is done with --enable-shared but without --with-modules (these are what I used for ImageMagick too).

Yep, I think that's correct. Bob F. seemed "down" on the modules-based build -- and you get all the benefits of it (at least, the ones that matter for our GPL platform) by using the "moby" build -- which is what you're doing.

I'll take a look at the new packaging.


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