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[ITP - Ready for review] ImageMagick

[The package now has plenty of votes and I have installed the package and tested the 'convert' command. I would like someone else to give the package at least a brief review before Daniel or I upload it.]

I would like to contribute and maintain ImageMagick:

ImageMagick 5.5.7 is a robust collection of tools and libraries offered under a usage license to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats (over 89 major formats) including popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, and GIF.

Changes since initial ITP
1) Patched to actually stick LIBS onto the end of the libs passed to the linker, as the ImageMagick documentation says can be done.

2) Pass LIBS=-lcygipc to configure.

3) Pass --enable-shared to configure. Builds shared cygMagick-6.dll and cygMagick++-6.dll... drops each executable from 2+ MiB to roughly 10 KiB.

4) Create three packages instead of one: ImageMagick, libMagick6, and libMagick-devel.

5) Change my PATH before building so that 'convert' is not found in the Windows/System32/ directory.

------------------------ cut here -------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash

mkdir ImageMagick
cd ImageMagick

wget \

wget \

wget \

mkdir libMagick6
cd libMagick6

wget \

wget \

mkdir libMagick-devel
cd libMagick-devel

wget \

wget \
------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------

MD5 sums:

464e0fce719f4a89e969a8db16a43960 *./ImageMagick-5.5.7-1-src.tar.bz2
0162d5a570fd2ed2a99b2a05a5a50c41 *./ImageMagick-5.5.7-1.tar.bz2
7767b1880787f9840a4eb46bbd965ff3 *./libMagick-devel/libMagick-devel-5.5.7-1.tar.bz2
2b8aaead1693b07b3255b17ee0489a18 *./libMagick-devel/setup.hint
a2c878aaded0f3eada668fb09a33a34c *./libMagick6/libMagick6-5.5.7-1.tar.bz2
d5553eb097bd76dc8c2aac0468ef5296 *./libMagick6/setup.hint
01852bb6a4aa65f21ab2b87b2676b626 *./setup.hint


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