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Re: [ITP] ImageMagick

Charles Wilson wrote:
Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Question for other maintainers: ImageMagick defaults to building as a static library... I have not yet tried to build it as a shared library; does anyone have an instant educated guess as to whether or not it will be a good idea to pursue a shared library? It would save me a lot of wasted effort if someone told me right now that "ImageMagick won't work as a shared lib on Cygwin because foo isn't a shared library" or that ImageMagick is known to use undefined symbols at link time. Thanks.

I built IM shared once upon a time. I believe all I needed to do was relibtoolize, but I'll check.

Vote pro, BTW.

Thanks Chuck. That is what I needed to hear. You also have to pass ``LIBS="-lcygipc"'' to configure since it detects that Xext is exporting SHM functions and it thus enables some SHM stuff in the Magick library and a couple executables.

I will check if a relibtoolizing is needed (mostly be checking if it fails without it).


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