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Re: [Review - Very minor issues] tcm


Daniel Boesswetter wrote:

Hi Harold,

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

I realized that "prefix" was defined in your script instead of "DESTDIR" because a build test of my script didn't install anything in the .inst directory. Thus, the "prefix" definition was used by the Makefile instead of DESTDIR. Could you delete your .inst directory, run the "install" command again and make sure that it actually installs stuff? If the script you used is fine, then I will upload the packages at the link that you sent.

Hm, since I followed the guidelines from, I untared my source archive in /tmp and made the binary package there. Since the binary package is an archive containing the contents of .inst (which is removed immediately after istallation, so I can't see it) and since the binary package is not empty, I asume that everything works as it should.

Of course I forgot to mention: I changed the occurences of $prefix to $DESTDIR in the Makefile.

Oh, that explains it.

Anyway, the package has been uploaded. Please send an announcement to perhaps it should be sent to too...


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