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RE: [Review - Not yet] libsmi

Thanks again Harold.  I'll go through it and review your packaging
recommendation.  It might take me a couple of days though because of the
holiday weekend :)

-----Original Message-----
From: Harold L Hunt II [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2003 12:22 AM
Cc: Abe Backus
Subject: Re: [Review - Not yet] libsmi


Here are some things I did:

1) Used a standard build script.

2) Passed -no-undefined on the LDFLAGS to allow the DLL to be built.

3) Ran 'make check' to see that only 1 of the 20 test failed (the last one,
seems to be something trivial).

4) Relibtoolized the source to allow the DLL to be built.

5) Fixed mibs/ and mibs/*/ to allow the 'make install'
command to properly install the mibs when srcdir != builddir.

6) Updated the libsmi.README file to list proper build requirements.

7) Updated the setup.hint file to list proper run-time requirements.

8) Rolled the libsmi, libsmi-devel, and libsmi-tools packages back into one
package (this was really the default from using a generic build script).
The libsmi package was only containing the readme files and not much else
(it was around 30 KiB).  Now that we have a DLL we could change this to be:
libsmi (docs, exes, mibs, etc.), libsmi2 (contains the DLL), and
libsmi-devel (includes and link libs).  I have some previous packages that I
have done this for and I could do it for this package as well (the process
consists of copying a few lines into the build script and tweaking a few
other lines).

Here are my files:

------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------


wget \

wget \

------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------

I think these changes really improve the package, but I admit that it is not
100% complete yet.  Feel free to do with these changes as you want to.


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