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Re: [Review - Very minor issues] tcm


Daniel Boesswetter wrote:
Hi Harold,

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Minor issues
1) In tcm.README, XFree86-base is listed as a runtime requirement. I have started listed XFree86-bin as a requirement instead. Same goes for setup.hint. Not critical.

Changed in both locations.


2) In tcm.README, XFree86-devel is listed as a build requirement. There is no XFree86-devel package; you must have meant XFree86-prog.

Ah, I guessed because I was too lazy too start setup.exe :-)



3) CYGWIN-PATCHES/tcm-2.20.README should be named CYWGIN-PATCHES/tcm.README. This isn't actually installed either, which requires that the "install" command in the build script be changed to the following:


Done (I also changed the Makefile accordingly as you proposed in your
second mail).

That is good.

4) The install command and the prefix variable were a little strange because, as you can see in #3, the install command sets "prefix" instead of "DESTDIR". The prefix was left at "/usr" instead of being changed to "/usr/X11R6".

I took your script, rebuilt and tested the packages. The latest version
are available from (as usual):

I realized that "prefix" was defined in your script instead of "DESTDIR" because a build test of my script didn't install anything in the .inst directory. Thus, the "prefix" definition was used by the Makefile instead of DESTDIR. Could you delete your .inst directory, run the "install" command again and make sure that it actually installs stuff? If the script you used is fine, then I will upload the packages at the link that you sent.

Will you upload it?

Thanx for your help!

No problem.

Thanks for contributing,


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