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Automatic ITP checks (Was Re: Pending Packages List, 2003-11-26)

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> There, now we don't have a single package on the PPL with something to
> review that has not at least resulted in a chastising from a grumpy
> programmer that knows very little about packaging :)
> Lets get those packages fixed, reviewed, and posted!  This is fun.
> Harold


Thank you for your work on the verification of the ITPs.  I'm sure we all
appreciate the effort, and you're welcome to keep doing this if you're
having fun at it, but it occurred to me that some of the steps in your
verification could have been done automatically (to wit, run the build
script, see if it produces the source and binary tarballs, check that the
.exe files in the binary tarball are stripped, that the /etc/postinstall
directory is nonempty if it exists, that the documentation is in
/usr/share/doc, that there's a Cygwin-specific readme, that the package
builds outside of the source directory, etc).  As time permits, I'll try
to whip up a script that will do some of these for at least method 2
packages (i.e., those using build scripts).  If people can think of more
checks that could be done automatically, let this list know.  The ITPs
will still benefit from human eyeballing, but at least the tedious part of
the work will be standardized...

BTW, if the checks are quick enough, there's no reason why they can't
be done on the package updates as well, before they're uploaded.  This
way, no errors will creep in on package updates.
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