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Re: [Review - Very minor issues] tcm

Hi Harold,

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Minor issues
1) In tcm.README, XFree86-base is listed as a runtime requirement. I have started listed XFree86-bin as a requirement instead. Same goes for setup.hint. Not critical.

Changed in both locations.

2) In tcm.README, XFree86-devel is listed as a build requirement. There is no XFree86-devel package; you must have meant XFree86-prog.

Ah, I guessed because I was too lazy too start setup.exe :-)


3) CYGWIN-PATCHES/tcm-2.20.README should be named CYWGIN-PATCHES/tcm.README. This isn't actually installed either, which requires that the "install" command in the build script be changed to the following:


Done (I also changed the Makefile accordingly as you proposed in your second mail).

4) The install command and the prefix variable were a little strange because, as you can see in #3, the install command sets "prefix" instead of "DESTDIR". The prefix was left at "/usr" instead of being changed to "/usr/X11R6".

I took your script, rebuilt and tested the packages. The latest version are available from (as usual):

Will you upload it?

Thanx for your help!


I attached a new build script that seems to fix #3 and #4 above. Please take a look at it and use it if it is useful. It is not 100% tested, so please perform a complete build and packaging on your system to confirm that it is correct.

Once these minor issues are addressed (should only take a couple minutes), we can post this package.


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