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Re: [Review - Not yet] tcm


Daniel Boesswetter wrote:

Hi Harold,

1) yes, my changes are very likely to be integrated into the original TCM distribution (most are in fact already included there).


2) I created a build script now and rebuilt the source and binary packages, available from the usual URLs (

Great again. I will look at it.

The latest official TCM source (2.20) already contains lots of my changes (#if'ed where necessary). The reason for patch to this source is mostly to make it conform to the cygwin packaging-rules (and some general bug fixes). The reason for the huge size of the patch (400k) was, that the original source is not "clean" (because some yacc-generated files are contained in the archive that are removed by "make clean"). I changed this manually and the new patch is only 93k

Cool. Just wanted to make sure that you were trying to get your patches included upstream, since it seems like you were doing a lot of work.

BTW: The binary package has also been available from the TCM download page at since January and now makes approx. 30% of all binary downloads!

That is very cool. Hopefully we can get this package in ASAP so that it gets wider distribution via setup.exe.

I'll post another review shortly.


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