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Re: Pending Packages List, 2003-11-26

Daniel Reed wrote:
) >Package: joe 2.9.8-1  [2003-11-11]
) >Description: Fast and simple editor which emulates 5 other editors
) >   Proposer: Jari Aalto
) >   Proposal:
) >   

joe has now received enough votes for inclusion, and is only awaiting
thorough review. Right off the bat, the binary package includes files in
etc/ which may need to be installed by a postinstall script instead; usr/doc
needs to become usr/share/doc and usr/man needs to become usr/share/man.

Also, as I pointed out below, there are two generic problems with the cygbuild script. One causes the build script name to keep getting another copy of the version string appended each time the 'spkg' command is run, while the other problem is that the build script is called just, which will cause problems when multiple source packages are extracted to /usr/src.

The first email below is my generic review for several packages that have the same two problems as the last two emails describe in their first two problem entries.


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