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Re: [RFC] Globally creating a user and a group "root"

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 08:33:24AM -0000, Morrison, John wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > any chance you can poke the base-passwd script soon, to check for a
> > user and a group with SID S-1-1-0 in the existing /etc/passwd and
> > /etc/group files and remove them silently?
> > 
> > Also it would be good if the script adds the following entry to
> > /etc/group, if possible as the first line:
> > 
> >   root:S-1-5-32-544:0:
> OK, just a few questions:
> 1) does your script do all this?

No.  I was asking you to add the above to the passwd related postinstall
script.  That has nothing to do with my create-root script.

> 2) does the script need to be run after

Which script?  Your's should run on postinstall.  Removing S-1-1-0
just removes the Everyone entries which are old and superfluous

I've changed mkgroup to add a root entry as above when called with -l
but this only helps if mkgroup is called at all.  Your script should
make sure that such an entry exists on machines which already have
an /etc/group file.

> 3) will your script run OK as a postinstall? (I know it prompts
> 	for information...)

No.  I was just asking you to do the above in a postinstall script. 
This is independent of my create-root script.

> 4) I get an "Error in addUserRights (LsaAddAccountRights returned
> 	0xc0000060=STATUS_NO_SUCH_PRIVILEGE)!" on a w2k box (I have
> 	full, local, admin rights.  Is this OK? (or have I lost the
> 	plot again :|

Details?  Which user right does result in that error?  Does W2K not
have the SeDenyXXX rights, perhaps?


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