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cygbuild as build script [Was: Re: [Review - Not yet] rdesktop]

Charles Wilson wrote:

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

4) The script builds in the same directory as the source code. I don't like that. I have not yet (I hope) released a package that does this and I don't give good reviews to packages that do it. If the package fails to build out of the source directory, than you can either use lndir or the similar but more portable suggestion that Chuck Wilson had a few weeks/months ago (don't remember what it was called). If they cygbuild script doesn't yet support this, then it isn't ready for prime-time and you should hack up one of the scripts from another source package to do the job in the mean time.

Disagree. It is NOT a requirement that you must be able to build a package outside of the source dir. *I* find it convenient to do so, solely because it makes it easier to generate a patch without build-generated files making a mess of it. But that's an issue for the maintainer; if Jari has another system that works for him, let's not put barriers in his way.

Jari's package: (1) distributes source (2) distributes a patch (3) contains a build script. Except for the naming issues and worries about clobbering that you raise, his system looks like it satisfies the spirit behind our packaging guidelines. That's enough for me.

If cygbuild is going to ever be promoted as a build script, then it should continue to support building out of the source dir, whether it requires a flag (such as defaulting to not needing a hack and having a flag that tells it to us lndir or a similar hack) or not.

If cygbuild isn't going to have that feature, then I will continue reviewing up to the point of everything being fixed expect for my niggle above. I won't give such a package a "Good to go". That is my choice. Somebody else can pick it up and give it a "Good to go" at that point if they want to, but my choice is not to do so.


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