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Re: [Review - Not yet] suite3270


Peter A. Castro wrote:
On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

I just reviewed your suite3270 package. Very nice work. See review below.

Thanks for taking the time to review it!

No problem.

Package: suite3270 3.2.20-1  [2003-11-15]
Description: 3270 Emulator Suite base package
  Proposer: Peter A. Castro
      Also: pr3270  [3287 Printer Emulator]
      Also: s3270  [3270 Emulator (Scripted)]
      Also: tcl3270  [3270 Emulator (Tcl)]
      Also: x3270  [3270 Emulator (X-Windows)]
 Aye votes: Igor Pechtchanski [1/3]
    Status: Package available.
  HOLD-UPS: Not enough votes (need 2 more). No "good to go" review.

Problems ========

1) The "install" process complains:

chmod: getting attributes of
No such file or directory
Error 1 (ignored)

Interesting.  This is part of the install rule in the x3270 Makefile and
is basically a kludge for handling a fonts.dir which might be read only.
This is done to deal with the scenario in which the product is being
built from scratch and installed to the local system directly, but which
might already have a fonts.dir which might be read-only.  Apparently Paul
(the creator of x3270) has encountered this problem before and this is a
work around for it.  For Cygwin the fonts.dir will not initially be
present, hence the Error 1, however it's a command that make can ignore
(-chmod) so, the warning can safely be ignored.  Here is the section of
offending makefile for your perusal:
/* Extra install rule to regenerate fonts.dir. */
install:: $(DESTDIR)$(FONTINSTDIR)/fonts.dir
	chmod u=rwx,go=rx $(DESTDIR)$(FONTINSTDIR)
	chmod a=r $(DESTDIR)$(FONTINSTDIR)/fonts.dir
Since this is the intended behaviour, and I don't want to make needless
changes to the makefile, I feel its acceptable.  I'm not intending to
"fix" this as it's works-as-designed.

Fine with me.

2) The "all" command complains at the very end:

./ not found

This is curious.  Could you check a few things for me on your system to
help narrow down the problem (I can't seem to reproduce this error)?
Could you check the permissions of:


They should both be 775. If they aren't what are they?

The permissions were 666 on both files.

This could simply be an issue with how the files were created during the
patching does in the prep phase.
What's your current umask?

Not familiar with umask.

Do you have both /bin/sh and /bin/bash installed?

Lastly, could you try invoking it manually:

$ cd c3270-3.2.20/CYGWIN-PATCHES/standalone
$ ./ /tmp/

And if that doesn't run, try:

$ sh ./ /tmp/

Depending on the answers to the above, I'll tweak the code to correct for it.

I think a correction to the permissions will fix the problem. Let me know if you still need me to do more.

I will proceed with my review when these two problems have been addressed.

Thanks again!

No problem,


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