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Re: [ITP] links-0.99pre14 [Was: Re: Please update links, mod_php4,mod_ssl, wget (was: [ [OpenSSL Advisory] Denial of Servicein ASN.1 parsing])]

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> I'll take maintainership of the links package.  The 0.96 version that is
> currently released for Cygwin is from 2001/07/03.  The stable version,
> 0.98, is from 2002/06/30.
> The latest devel version, 0.99pre14, is from 2003/11/22.  The devel
> versions are so much newer than the last stable version that I wanted to
> just straight to it and follow it until 0.99 is released as stable.
> I changed the dependency on this package from openssl096 to just openssl.
> For the life of me I cannot tell if this package is functioning
> correctly.  It build perfectly, without even a single warning, but it
> doesn't seem to work right at the moment.  I need someone that uses the
> links package to point their setup.exe to the site below and try the
> links-0.99pre14-1 package and report on what is broken:

I didn't use setup.exe, but here's.

It's completely broken unless you only run it under cmd.exe and
don't need to input accented characters.

You can see from what I
mean. I wrote "ação".

Now test it under rxvt. The cursor stays at the top left and
that's all. Anything you enter is displayed on the shell after
you quit with ^C since it doesn't respond to any keys. The same
with XTerm.

But all these have fixes. See


-#elif defined(_WIN32) || defined (__CYGWIN__)
+#elif defined(_WIN32)
is a diff against 0.96, which works, and 0.97, which doesn't.
You can see what changed in os_dep.h, od_dep.c, and win32.c.
Looking at the patch you can notice reverting it can't be worse
since it wasn't in 0.96.

The other problem is that doing the above breaks at link time
since terminate_osdep() is defined in both os_dep.c and
win32.c. It always worked when I commented one of them.

I also tested the 0.98 binary from
, and yes, it has the same problems, so it looks like nobody
uses it with rxvt or XTerm, or don't need to input accented

But since you're the XFree86 maintainer, what about instead
taking Links 2 ? I think Links is deprecated. It appears
everything is in Links 2, but as Daniel suggested, having a
binary without graphical support and another with would be
the right choice. Anyway, Links 2 has the same problems.

About the accentuation problem I have with -g, I was told if it
works on the Linux frame buffer, it should on X11, and it could
be a kbd configuration issue. I don't think it's, as all
applications respond to them on Cygwin and Linux.

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