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[ITP] pdksh 5.2.14-3 (Was Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-22)

On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:

> pdksh                   Elfyn McBratney

Since Elfyn has disappeared, and his packages appear to be up for grabs,
I'd like to take over maintainership of pdksh.  I've repackaged it using
method two, and fixed a few little things in the source package (full list
of changes below; also in the README).

Since this is a maintainership switch, please review and test the new
packages.  They are available at the URLs below:


Changes since 5.2.14-2:

- Minimized the amount of struct option changes.
- Switched to the new FHS
- Fixed up the postinstall script
- Switched to method 2 and fixed the source package to fully recreate
  the distribution
  - in particular, changed the default binary name to "pdksh"
- Changed configure and autoconf files to detect Cygwin
- Updated the README

> splint                  Elfyn McBratney
I'll look at splint next at some point if nobody beats me to it.

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