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Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-22

On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 05:13:04PM -0000, Daniel Reed wrote:
>base-files              John Morrison           !!! no source and no external-source
>base-passwd             John Morrison           !!! no source and no external-source

Neither of these need source or external source.

>flex                    Christopher Faylor      !!! minor bump (freshmeat lists 2.5.27; we have 2.5.4a)

See the latest flex release announcement.

>initscripts             Sergey Okhapkin         !!! no source and no external-source !!! last updated 2002-11-19

Shouldn't need source since it is source.

>man                     Christopher Faylor      !!! minor bump (freshmeat lists 1.5m2; we have 1.5j)

I gave up ownership to Elfyn.  I guess it is up for grabs again.
Any takers?

>patchutils              Elfyn McBratney         !!! minor bump (freshmeat lists 0.2.24; we have 0.2.22)

Any volunteers for this one?  If not, I'll just delete it.

Unless there is a real need for this service, I don't see a reason to
advertise out-of-date packages publicly.  There is no requirement that
every package in the cygwin distribution be absolutely up-to-date.  IMO,
sending out something like this gives the impression that it is
something to strive for.  I can imagine some of our more clue challenged
users latching onto this message and assuming that their problem with
patchutils is due to the fact that it is now advertised as being out of

Also, I don't necessarily want to have to repeatedly defend a decision
to not use the latest version of, say, flex every time this message is


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