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Re: [FYI] apache packages

On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 01:06:44PM +0100, Stipe Tolj wrote:
>Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
>>On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 05:29:30PM +0100, Stipe Tolj wrote:
>>>Hi list,
>>>Volker called me up (kindly from him ;) to let me know that you're
>>>intending to kick package maintainers that are currently "non-active"
>>As package maintainer, you should have known this since package
>>maintainers are expected to be subscribed to cygwin-apps.
>I am, but as you may imagine (and as you may be on your own) reading
>not only the cygwin-apps@ list.  I'm head of the project and
>hence have to do my "main job" there.  Which does not mean I'm leaving
>things behind, but hey, you know that optimal coordination is NP-hard

If you are reading the list then you are clearly missing issues that
concern the packages you are maintaining.  You shouldn't need to have
a third party telling you about things.

If you are too busy, is it time for us to find another maintainer?  As
Corinna points out, we are all busy but the problems that your packages
have been manifesting have been the subject of complaint for some time.

>>>So, some more patients, please...
>>Ok, you get another two week.  I just hope it's done by Christmas.
>ok, thanks for the time.  A bunch of Apache modules (all updated
>against new 1.3.29) would be a great xmass gift I guess ;)
>BTW, anyone working on a stable mysql package?

There is a pending package list sent out on a regular basis.  You can
check that to see if anyone has proposed a mysql package.
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