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Re: minires-0.95 - a new package ready for review

Pierre Humblet wrote:

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

I am not sure if this addresses the problem at hand.
There IS and include file with #define foo __foo
but configure runs in a problem when it calls foo() without including
said include file. Thus we would like to have both __foo and foo.

Noooooo, you have to do it in the library source file, not the header, that way the symbol is properly generated in the library dll. This is quite similar to the way cygwin.din maps some symbols to underscore aliases (or visa-versa).

Yep, but the bind people have already done it in the header.
(not sure why).
I could simply add #ifdef __CYGWIN__  to remove that feature.
But then I will loose binary compatibility between versions.
Is there a perfect solution?


Sorry for the noise, I was wrong. I had a brainfart and forgot that ld doesn't actually export the #define'd symbols in sourcefiles to dlls.

Ironically, this will compile:

int __foo {
  return 0;
int foo __attribute__ ((alias("__foo"));

and produce a dll exporting both `__foo` and `foo`.

Unfortunately, however, any exe compiled against it will auto-import _foo and segfault in crt0 when run :-(. Oh well...


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