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Re: [Review 2 - Good to go] gd: A graphics library for fast imagecreation wrote:
"Gareth" == Gareth Pearce <> writes:

>> Hmm... just noticed that you have libgd2 and libgd2-devel... I was under
>> the impression that you should stick the DLL version in the libgd
>> package name, which you did, but I thought that the DLL version number
>> was *not* included in the -devel package name.
>> >> It seems to me that the devel package should be called:
>> >> libgd-devel
>> >> >> Anyone care to comment on this?

    Gareth> It would be nice to say that versioned devels are never necessary, but
    Gareth> unless the internals of the package are designed so as to be able to coexist
    Gareth> with future version devels (like libgd2 would be), there isn't any point
    Gareth> versioning them, and hence should not be so.


I think the best way to determine this is whether or not the package installs versioned includes and static/import libs. Also, the naming of the libraries & include dirs is important. In the case of freetype, freetype-1 is libttf whereas freetype2 is libfreetype. Even if it doesn't, it pays to check out the Mandrake/RedHat/Debian packages to see how they are doing it. Sometimes it may be necessary to make a package have co-existing versions, especially in the case of databases where src API's can change, causing some existing sources not to compile/work. Also, it is pretty much a given that most GNOME libraries are going to need to be versioned. The key is to plan ahead now, before you are stuck providing kludges or empty-package work-arounds.


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