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Re: Pending Packages List, 2003-11-07

On 2003-11-11T13:10+0200, Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:
) * 2003-11-07 Daniel Reed <> list.cygwin-apps
) | Package: ploticus 2.11-1
) |    Problems: Jari needs to (a) remove /usr/X11R6/lib/libz.a|libz.dll.a (b) recompile the package.  This will ensure that it links against /usr/lib/libz.dll.a and picks up "cygz.dll" instead. (cygwin-apps-thread.11583)
) |              More to the point, the build requirements list "libzlib", "libpng", and "X11".  Those packages do NOT exist.  What you want is:   XFree86-base   zlib   libpng12   libpng12-devel (cygwin-apps-thread.11583)
) |              ./ line 402: [: -eq: unary operator expected (cygwin-apps-thread.11583)
) 1. Package now recompiled
) 2. Build requirements updated: ploticus.README
) 3. script error fixed.

I just updated apps.xml, but was 16 minutes too late for the changes to go
into today's PPL.

Daniel Reed <>
"Real computer scientists like having a computer on their desk, else
how could they read their mail?"

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