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Re: [ITP] tzcode: The time zone package wrote:


I would like to contribute and maintain the timezone package:


a public-domain time zone database which contains code and data that
represent the history of local time for many representative locations
around the globe. This package contains the zic time zone compiler,
the zdump timezone dump routine, and various timezone library routines.
These functions deal with variations in the time zone rules in the world.

Actually, cygwin uses most of the library code from the package directly in the dll. So, instead of making a new library, perhaps updating the existing cygwin source files would be the way to go? I'd even go as far to say that the timezone utils (which are very small) ought to also be in the utils distributed with the cygwin dll since this is how it is done with glibc. The tzdata, however, could remain a separate package.

Whatever the decision, I think this would make a fine addition. I vote yes.


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