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Re: Pending Packages List, 2003-11-04

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Daniel Reed wrote:
> Package: d 1.2.0-1
> Description: The Directory Lister
>   Proposer: Yaakov Selkowitz
>   Proposal:
> Good to go: Gerrit P. Haase (cygwin-apps-thread.11476) (once problems are 
> addressed)
>   Problems: Have we already talked about why this package is better than 
> 'ls'?  If it is just another directory lister with different options then 
> I don't see a need for it.  

Again, there has been some discussion on that already:

> Also, if it isn't part of any other linux or unix distribution then it 
> doesn't really fit into the core goal for cygwin. 
> (cygwin-apps-thread.11858)

That I'm not sure , but for what it's worth, 'd' is listed in the FSF directory:

>    Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available. Reviewed.
>  HOLD-UPS: Unresolved minor problems.

If there are still specific issues that I have yet to clarify, could they be stated so that they can be addressed?  Frankly, there are other packages I'm considering proposing, but I've been holding them back to see if this is ever going to move forward or not.  It would be nice to get a conclusion to this soon, if possible.  Thanks!
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