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RE: Setup and downloading software...

Thanks all for the helpful tips.

I've also been coming across another issue. I haven't really researched it
as to if it's already in the queue - so please forgive me if it has already
been addressed, and just ignore this - I didn't remember seeing it
documented when I was researching the other issue.

As I am downloading, the setup program simply stops downloading at the end
of large files. For example, with the gcc-java-3.3.1-3.tar.bz2 file, it got
all the way to end and stopped with 1kb left, and then just stopped. I've
also had it go all the way and do the same thing on other files.  If I hit
the 'cancel' button, and restart the download, then it picks up where it
left off, gets any extra stuff and continues on.

I am doing a download only, and for simplicity (so I don't have to keep
refilling out all the info), am telling it to download everything.  If my
memory serves me correctly, I was also getting this when I was specifying a

I don't know if this is a specific case that comes out due to a slow
connection, or what. Most packages seem to go fine, it's just the larger
ones that are an issue. I don't think I've seen it happen for things on
order of only a couple meg and smaller; thus the idea of the slow connection
causing it with the really long download time, but that doesn't really make
sense as to why it would. Any how, just a couple thoughts.



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> []On Behalf Of Gareth Pearce
> Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 1:46 AM
> To: 'Benjamen R. Meyer';
> Subject: RE: Setup and downloading software...
> > I understand this may not be a very high priority as many people are
> > probably using Broadband now, but I know I would appreciate it, and I
> > imagine many others would too.  I know this wouldn't really be
> much of an
> > issue except that I've noticed in my downloads that I average
> between 1.7
> > and 2.6 kb/s on my 56k modem, which is about 1/3 of the rate I could
> > theoretically get. (Most of my downloads for other sites are
> around 4 to 6
> > kb/sec.) I figure this is because the sites are so busy, and I
> figure that
> > striping the downloads could help to speed some people up to help
> > alliviate
> > the sites of those users.
> Just think for a second and realise that if this was the case, then the
> broadband people would be noticing it a lot more.  Striping is much more
> likely to help broadband users then it is modem users.  That said, some
> mirrors do get overloaded - but 2k/sec would be unusual I suspect.  Btw -
> all of the downloads from setup are precompressed - so ensure
> your comparing
> apples with apples when comparing download speeds.  Modems use inbuilt
> compression - so non-compressed files will download faster.
> 3k-sec is (once
> you consider overheads) not to far off 30kbit - most 56k modems actually
> rarely see connections over 42k (to my knowledge anyway)  - so
> your actually
> more like half rather then 1/3rd. - 'back home' on my 56k modem - 2.6k/sec
> on a compressed file would be considered fast.  But then 'back home' has
> poor phone lines. - I'm lucky enough to have adsl where I'm living at the
> moment - and the mirrors I use for setup - are easily fast enough
> to handle
> a modem user.
> Gareth

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