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RE: Setup and downloading software...

> I understand this may not be a very high priority as many people are
> probably using Broadband now, but I know I would appreciate it, and I
> imagine many others would too.  I know this wouldn't really be much of an
> issue except that I've noticed in my downloads that I average between 1.7
> and 2.6 kb/s on my 56k modem, which is about 1/3 of the rate I could
> theoretically get. (Most of my downloads for other sites are around 4 to 6
> kb/sec.) I figure this is because the sites are so busy, and I figure that
> striping the downloads could help to speed some people up to help
> alliviate
> the sites of those users.

Just think for a second and realise that if this was the case, then the
broadband people would be noticing it a lot more.  Striping is much more
likely to help broadband users then it is modem users.  That said, some
mirrors do get overloaded - but 2k/sec would be unusual I suspect.  Btw -
all of the downloads from setup are precompressed - so ensure your comparing
apples with apples when comparing download speeds.  Modems use inbuilt
compression - so non-compressed files will download faster.  3k-sec is (once
you consider overheads) not to far off 30kbit - most 56k modems actually
rarely see connections over 42k (to my knowledge anyway)  - so your actually
more like half rather then 1/3rd. - 'back home' on my 56k modem - 2.6k/sec
on a compressed file would be considered fast.  But then 'back home' has
poor phone lines. - I'm lucky enough to have adsl where I'm living at the
moment - and the mirrors I use for setup - are easily fast enough to handle
a modem user.


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