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Re: Pending Packages List, 2003-10-31

Daniel Reed wrote:
> Package: d 1.2.0-1
> Description: The Directory Lister
>    Proposer: Yaakov Selkowitz
>    Problems: [not a showstopper] there's no need for a postinstall script 
> here. Just add _update-info-dir  to your requires: line in the setup.hint 
> instead. (cygwin-apps-thread.11856)
>             Have we already talked about why this package is better than 
> 'ls'?  If it is just another directory lister with different options then 
> I don't see a need for it.  Also, if it isn't part of any other linux or 
> unix distribution then it doesn't really fit into the core goal for cygwin. (cygwin-apps-thread.11858)
>    Status: Attained required 3 votes. Package available. Reviewed.
>  HOLD-UPS: Unresolved minor problems.

I responded to these issues previously:

and Robert Collins' acknowledgement on one of my responses:

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