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Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-01

On 2003-11-01T16:42-0200, Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:
) On Sat, 1 Nov 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:
) > ) figlet                  Carl Ebrey              !!! last updated 2001-12-12
) > Our version is 2.2, and vendor does appear to be 2.2, but figlet isn't in
) 2.2.1 -
Woops, I saw the 2.2 and must have missed the reference to 2.2.1 entirely.
It appears we are behind afterall.

) > ) ghostscript             Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
) > The "aladdinghostscript" project at freshmeat has a release 8.11 from
) AFAIK there are license restrictions with AFPL Ghostscript, the
) reason why no Linux distributions include it.
Ah, I did not check which flavor of Ghostscript we actually used. In any
event, GNU Ghostscript appears to be at 7.07, to our 7.05.

) > ) links                   Sami Tikka              !!! last updated 2002-01-23
) > Our Links is from the 0-tree, whereas current is the 2-tree. I am not sure
) Links and Links2 are different projects. Both support SSL.
) Links2 would require XFree86 for graphical support. You
To solve that it might be possible to have separate links and links-x11

) Anyway, ELinks is a much better project, mainly the 0.5
) prereleases, but they have problems running under cmd.exe.

I would hesitate at including (and thereby potentially endorsing) ELinks,
which appears to be a "hostile fork" of the Links project code. Links is
relatively feature-rich and is still actively maintained, and its
maintainers advise against using ELinks.

Daniel Reed <>
The pursuit of pretty formulas and neat theorems can no doubt quickly
degenerate into a silly vice, but so can the quest for austere
generalities which are so very general indeed that they are incapable
of application to any particular. -- Eric Temple Bell, Mathematician

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