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Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-01

On Sat, 1 Nov 2003, Daniel Reed wrote:

> ) figlet                  Carl Ebrey              !!! last updated 2001-12-12
> Our version is 2.2, and vendor does appear to be 2.2, but figlet isn't in
> freshmeat, so this warning is going to keep coming up. I guess I will
> either add figlet to freshmeat or add a <quell-old/> flag to our entry...

2.2.1 -

> ) fortune                 Jonathan Kamens         !!! last updated 2002-01-30
> My fortune(6) man page has not been updated since 1994, and fortune isn't in
> freshmeat either, so I think this is another candidate for quell-old.

It's part of bsd-games.

> ) ghostscript             Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
> )   ghostscript-base      Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
> )   ghostscript-x11       Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
> The "aladdinghostscript" project at freshmeat has a release 8.11 from
> 2003-10-09 and a 7.20 from 2002-05-16, both of which appear to be more
> recent than our 7.05 from 2002-10-29.

AFAIK there are license restrictions with AFPL Ghostscript, the
reason why no Linux distributions include it.

> ) links                   Sami Tikka              !!! last updated 2002-01-23
> Our Links is from the 0-tree, whereas current is the 2-tree. I am not sure
> how large an undertaking it would be to upgrade the package, but the 2-tree
> includes things like JavaScript, graphics support, and SSL, which may not be
> present in the 0-tree. Either way, the latest 0-tree version appears to be
> 0.97, whereas we have 0.96.

Links and Links2 are different projects. Both support SSL.
Links2 would require XFree86 for graphical support. You
probably don't want such a requirement. The JavaScript support
is minimal. The latest Links is 0.98, but there are 0.99
prerelases, which work fine. Links2 also does, but accentuation
doesn't with the graphical support. The same on Linux, so...

Sami doesn't appear to maintain the Cygwin port anymore or
follow the mailing-lists. I thought Corinna was going to remove
it -

Anyway, ELinks is a much better project, mainly the 0.5
prereleases, but they have problems running under cmd.exe.

> ) more                    Joshua Daniel Franklin  !!! last updated 2002-03-28
> I'll let someone else try to find "more" on the web :)

It's part of util-linux.

> ) popt                    Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-06-09
> )   libpopt0              Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-06-09
> We have 1.6.4; vendor appears to be 1.7.

1.8, but it's only included in the src.rpm - . This time they
didn't bother to make a tar.gz.

> ) procps                  Chris January           !!! last updated 2002-09-20
> I am not sure if the procps package is Cygwin-specific or not, but our
> version is 010801 while freshmeat lists 3.1.14 released on 2003-10-21.

And there are forks -

> ) textutils               Matthew Smith           !!! last updated 2002-02-19
> Our version is 2.0.21, whereas the vendor (GNU) has withdrawn the
> "textutils" package and has consolidated it with fileutils and sh-utils into
> "GNU Coreutils", which is at version 5.0.

I thought coreutils was going to be part of Cygwin...

How to contact me -

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