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Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-01

) agetty                  Sergey Okhapkin         !!! last updated 2002-11-11
As best as I can tell, agetty is part of the "util-linux" vendor package,
which is currently at version 2.12 (2003-09-06). Our version of agetty is
2.1 (2002-11-11).

) apache                  Stipe Tolj              !!! last updated 2002-05-10
Our version of Apache is 1.3.24; vendor is 1.3.29.

) curl                    Kevin P. Roth           !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 7.10.7; we only have 7.10.4)
)   curl-devel            Kevin P. Roth
Not 30 minutes goes by and this information is obsoleted (curl 7.10.8 was
just released).

) dejagnu                 Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2003-01-03
Our version of dejagnu is 20021217, whereas freshmeat lists 1.4.3 released
on 2003-03-23.

) doxygen                 Ryunosuke Satoh         !!! last updated 2002-12-02
Our version is 1.2.18; vendor appears to be 1.3.4.

) dpkg                    Robert Collins          !!! last updated 2002-07-24
Our version is 1.10.4; vendor appears to be 1.10.18.

) enscript                Gerrit P. Haase         !!! last updated 2002-08-25
Our version is 1.6.3; vendor appears to be 1.6.4.

) expect                  Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2003-01-28
Our version is 20030128, but freshmeat lists 5.39.0 released on 2003-09-10.

) figlet                  Carl Ebrey              !!! last updated 2001-12-12
Our version is 2.2, and vendor does appear to be 2.2, but figlet isn't in
freshmeat, so this warning is going to keep coming up. I guess I will
either add figlet to freshmeat or add a <quell-old/> flag to our entry...

) fortune                 Jonathan Kamens         !!! last updated 2002-01-30
My fortune(6) man page has not been updated since 1994, and fortune isn't in
freshmeat either, so I think this is another candidate for quell-old.

) ghostscript             Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
)   ghostscript-base      Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
)   ghostscript-x11       Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
The "aladdinghostscript" project at freshmeat has a release 8.11 from
2003-10-09 and a 7.20 from 2002-05-16, both of which appear to be more
recent than our 7.05 from 2002-10-29.

) gnugo                   Teun Burgers            !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 3.5.1; we only have 3.4)
This is a difference between "stable" and "development" trees at freshmeat;
3.4 is indeed the latest "stable" release.

) gperf                   Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2002-12-27
Our version is 2.7.2; vendor appears to be 3.0.1.

) indent                  Gerrit P. Haase         !!! last updated 2002-05-16
Our version is 2.2.8; vendor appears to be 2.2.8a, which does appear to be
unique from 2.2.8. freshmeat project name is "gnuindent".

) initscripts             Sergey Okhapkin         !!! last updated 2002-11-19
This looks to be Cygwin-specific.

) keychain                Hack Kampbjorn          !!! last updated 2002-07-09
We have 1.9; vendor appears to be 2.0.3.

) libbz2_0                Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-01-26
) libdb2                  Nicholas Wourms         !!! last updated 2002-06-26
) libdb2-devel            Nicholas Wourms         !!! last updated 2002-06-26
I'm marking these and similar packages as "obsolete", since there are newer
packages with higher interface numbers in the name (libbz2_1, libdb4.1,
libncurses7, etc.). They won't show up as flagged next month.

) libintl                 Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2001-12-18
) libintl1                Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2001-12-13
We have 0.10.38 and 0.10.40, respectively, whereas freshmeat lists gettext
as being at 0.12.1 (and our libintl is in the "gettext" directory).

) libungif                Lapo Luchini            !!! last updated 2002-07-14
This is also not in freshmeat, but NetBSD at least seems to have the same
version we do (4.1.0). I can not seem to access the project's main site,

) links                   Sami Tikka              !!! last updated 2002-01-23
Our Links is from the 0-tree, whereas current is the 2-tree. I am not sure
how large an undertaking it would be to upgrade the package, but the 2-tree
includes things like JavaScript, graphics support, and SSL, which may not be
present in the 0-tree. Either way, the latest 0-tree version appears to be
0.97, whereas we have 0.96.

) more                    Joshua Daniel Franklin  !!! last updated 2002-03-28
I'll let someone else try to find "more" on the web :)

) opengl                  Andre Bleau             !!! last updated 2002-03-21
We have a package for OpenGL with the version 1.1.0. I am not sure if this
directly maps to OpenGL interface numbers (which is currently at 1.5).

) popt                    Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-06-09
)   libpopt0              Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-06-09
We have 1.6.4; vendor appears to be 1.7.

) procps                  Chris January           !!! last updated 2002-09-20
I am not sure if the procps package is Cygwin-specific or not, but our
version is 010801 while freshmeat lists 3.1.14 released on 2003-10-21.

) squid                   Robert Collins          !!! last updated 2002-07-16
Our version is confusingly enough 2.4.STABLE7, whereas vendor appears to be
the equally confusing "2.5 STABLE 4". I believe that means we are stale.

) textutils               Matthew Smith           !!! last updated 2002-02-19
Our version is 2.0.21, whereas the vendor (GNU) has withdrawn the
"textutils" package and has consolidated it with fileutils and sh-utils into
"GNU Coreutils", which is at version 5.0.

) ttcp                    Stanislav Sinyagin      !!! last updated 2002-02-21
Vendor appears to have released a new version as of 2003-04-05 (fourth
Google hit for "ttcp").

) ucl                     Lapo Luchini            !!! last updated 2002-04-17
This is not in freshmeat, but does appear to be in sync with the vendor.

) units                   John Morrison           !!! last updated 2001-12-20
We have 1.77; vendor is 1.80.

) upx                     Lapo Luchini            !!! last updated 2002-12-18
We have the latest stable, so all is well.

) wget                    Hack Kampbjorn          !!! last updated 2002-12-18
We have 1.8.2; vendor is 1.9.

Daniel Reed <>
"True nobility lies not in being superior to another man, but in being
superior to one's previous self."

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