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AW: [Patch] Resizing fixes

> On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 23:33, Frank Richter wrote:
> > This patch now properly deals with minimizing the window - before, some
> > sizes/positions were slightly off when the window was minimized and
> > restored. It also constraints the size of the property sheet, it now
> > can't get smaller than it's initial size.
> APplied. Please submit patches with diff -up always - they are much
> easier to read, and more robust at applying to altered source.
I've tried the resizing stuff and it is really great.
While i'm working with this, I've got two ideas for improving the general
selection window.

The first one is to split the list into two parts: a category window on the
left side and a package list on the right (like yast on suse linux) and
second a search field to search for a specific package.

I see some advantage of this:

1. The navigation through packages would be a easier because the items on
the category list are scollable independantly from the package list.
2. the package windows does not need a horizontal scrollbar, because the
package informations are printed on the window bottom when selecting a
package, this reduces the needing scrolling operations to read the package
info. In short: The user does see more information at one time.
3. The search field allows a very fast access to each individual package.

category                 packages          release
|+All    (2)           || x [cygwin-doc]    1.2-4     |
|+Admin                || -  docbook-xml42            |
|+Archive              || -  docbook-xsl              |
|+Base                 || (1)                         |
|+Database             ||                             |
|+Devel                ||                             |
|[Doc]                 ||                             |
|+Editors              ||                             |
|+Games                ||                             |
|                      ||                             |
| ...                  ||                             |
+----------------------+|                             |
search packages         |                             |
+----------------------+|                             |
| ____________________ ||                             |
package info
|cygwin specific information, including man pages and |
|User's guide                                         |

(1) this icon could be toggled through install (with choosing the requested
releases), uninstall, reinstall, upgrade,...
(2) I don't think that it makes sense to add a install, uninstall button for
each category. Makes it sense to install *all* databases or *all* editors ?
I don't think so. Upgrading all packages in this category makes more sense,
i think.

Only a little note.

BTW: Currently I'm very busy with the command line version of setup,
afterthat I probably will be able to contribute to this.


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