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Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-01

This is the list of maintainers and packages as of Saturday, November  1, 2003.

** PACKAGE MAINTAINERS ** Please verify the information below **
Packages are listed with their subordinate packages. A subordinate package is
built from a source package under another name. Subordinate packages must be
released with new versions of their parent package, and must use the same
version-release designation.

For a theoretical library "libfoo", there might be three packages built from the
same sources:
libfoo                  Daniel Reed # .dll shared libraries, Cygwin README
  libfoo-devel          Daniel Reed # .a static libraries, .dll.a glue, .h headers
  libfoo-demo           Daniel Reed # .exe example programs

If the current release of libfoo is 1.2-3, the current releases of libfoo-devel
and libfoo-demo must also be 1.2-3.

If a theoretical package "bar" requires libfoo to function, it is dependent on
libfoo, but not subordinate to libfoo. It will appear by itself:
bar                     Daniel Reed # .exe programs, Cygwin README

If you maintain a package that does not appear correctly in this list, it may be
because a setup.hint does not include a proper "external-source" header.

This list is generated using information from a variety of sources, including
the live repository, the package coordinator's records, and software-tracking
sites such as Packages that appear to be neglected are flagged
with a triple gunshot ("!!!") and the reason for the flag.

                           Packages' Maintainer List

_update-info-dir        Christopher Faylor     
a2ps                    David Hudson           
agetty                  Sergey Okhapkin         !!! last updated 2002-11-11
antiword                Gerrit P. Haase        
apache                  Stipe Tolj              !!! last updated 2002-05-10
ash                     Corinna Vinschen       
aspell                  Gareth Pearce          
  aspell-dev            Gareth Pearce          
  aspell-doc            Gareth Pearce          
  libaspell15           Gareth Pearce          
aspell-en               Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
astyle                  Ryunosuke Satoh         !!! last updated 2002-09-26
autoconf                Charles Wilson         
autoconf-devel          Charles Wilson         
autoconf-stable         Charles Wilson         
automake                Charles Wilson         
automake-devel          Charles Wilson         
automake-stable         Charles Wilson         
base-files              John Morrison          
base-passwd             John Morrison          
bash                    Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
bc                      Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2001-12-15
binutils                Christopher Faylor     
bison                   Christopher Faylor     
byacc                   Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2001-12-15
bzip2                   Charles Wilson         
  libbz2_1              Charles Wilson         
ccache                  Christopher Faylor      !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 2.3; we only have 2.2)
ccdoc                   Joe Linoff             
cgoban                  Teun Burgers           
check                   Gerrit P. Haase        
chkconfig               Sergey Okhapkin         !!! last updated 2002-12-31
clear                   DJ Delorie              !!! last updated 2002-03-22
clisp                   Sam Steingold          
cmake                   William A. Hoffman     
cocom                   Igor Pechtchanski      
compface                Jochen Kuepper          !!! last updated 2001-12-16
cpio                    Corinna Vinschen       
cron                    Corinna Vinschen       
crypt                   Corinna Vinschen       
ctags                   Simon Liddington       
curl                    Kevin P. Roth           !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 7.10.7; we only have 7.10.4)
  curl-devel            Kevin P. Roth          
cvs                     Charles Wilson          !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 1.11.9; we only have 1.11.6)
cygipc                  Charles Wilson         
cygrunsrv               Corinna Vinschen       
cygutils                Charles Wilson         
cygwin                  Christopher Faylor     
cygwin-doc              Joshua Daniel Franklin 
d (pending)             Yaakov Selkowitz       
db                      Nicholas Wourms        
db2                     Nicholas Wourms        
db3.1                   Nicholas Wourms        
  libdb3.1              Nicholas Wourms         !!! last updated 2002-07-24
  libdb3.1-devel        Nicholas Wourms         !!! last updated 2002-07-24
db4.1                   Gerrit P. Haase        
  libdb4.1              Gerrit P. Haase        
  libdb4.1-devel        Gerrit P. Haase        
dejagnu                 Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2003-01-03
diffutils               Christopher Faylor     
distcc (pending)        John Morrison          
docbook-xml42           Marcel Telka           
docbook-xsl             Marcel Telka           
doxygen                 Ryunosuke Satoh         !!! last updated 2002-12-02
dpkg                    Robert Collins          !!! last updated 2002-07-24
ed                      Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2002-01-05
editrights              Chris Rodgers          
ELFIO                   Serge Lamikhov-Center   !!! last updated 2002-09-09
emacs                   Joe Buehler             !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 21.3; we only have 21.2) !!! last updated 2003-01-24
emacs-el                Joe Buehler             !!! last updated 2003-01-24
emacs-X11               Joe Buehler             !!! last updated 2003-01-24
enscript                Gerrit P. Haase         !!! last updated 2002-08-25
exim                    Pierre A. Humblet      
expat                   Gerrit P. Haase        
expect                  Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2003-01-28
fetchmail               Jason Tishler          
figlet                  Carl Ebrey              !!! last updated 2001-12-12
file                    Corinna Vinschen        !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 4.06; we only have 4.03)
fileutils               Christopher Faylor     
findutils               Christopher Faylor      !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 4.1.20; we only have 4.1.7) !!! last updated 2002-05-19
flex                    Christopher Faylor     
fltk                    Teun Burgers           
fontconfig              Harold L Hunt II       
  libfontconfig1        Harold L Hunt II       
  libfontconfig-devel   Harold L Hunt II       
fortune                 Jonathan Kamens         !!! last updated 2002-01-30
freetype2               Harold L Hunt II       
  libfreetype26         Harold L Hunt II       
  libfreetype2-devel    Harold L Hunt II       
fvwm                    Harold L Hunt II        !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 2.4.17; we only have 2.4.7)
GAP (pending)           Chris A. J.            
gawk                    Corinna Vinschen       
gcc-ada                 Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-core                Gerrit P. Haase        
  gcc                   Gerrit P. Haase         !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 3.3.2; we only have 3.3.1)
gcc-g++                 Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-g77                 Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-gpc                 Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-java                Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw               Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-ada           Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-core          Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-g++           Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-g77           Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-gpc           Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-java          Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-mingw-objc          Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-objc                Gerrit P. Haase        
gcc-testsuite           Gerrit P. Haase        
gdb                     Christopher Faylor     
gdbm                    Charles Wilson         
  libgdbm-devel         Charles Wilson         
  libgdbm4              Charles Wilson         
gettext                 Charles Wilson         
  gettext-devel         Charles Wilson         
  libintl2              Charles Wilson         
  libgettextpo0         Charles Wilson         
ghostscript             Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
  ghostscript-base      Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
  ghostscript-x11       Dario Alcocer           !!! last updated 2002-10-29
gmp                     Lapo Luchini           
gnugo                   Teun Burgers            !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 3.5.1; we only have 3.4)
gnupg                   Volker Quetschke        !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 1.2.3; we only have 1.2.2)
gperf                   Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2002-12-27
grace                   Volker Quetschke        !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 5.1.13; we only have 5.1.12)
graphviz (pending)      Gareth Pearce          
grep                    Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2002-03-21
groff                   Christopher Faylor      !!! last updated 2002-12-16
gsl                     Teun Burgers           
guile                   Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  guile-devel           Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  guile-doc             Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  libguile12            Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  libguile12abi13       Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
gv (pending)            Dr. Volker Zell        
gzip                    Christopher Faylor     
indent                  Gerrit P. Haase         !!! last updated 2002-05-16
inetutils               Corinna Vinschen        !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 1.4.2; we only have 1.3.2)
initscripts             Sergey Okhapkin         !!! last updated 2002-11-19
ioperm                  Marcel Telka           
irc                     Corinna Vinschen       
jbigkit                 Charles Wilson         
jgraph                  Igor Pechtchanski      
jpeg                    Charles Wilson         
  libjpeg6b             Charles Wilson         
keychain                Hack Kampbjorn          !!! last updated 2002-07-09
less                    Christopher Faylor     
lesstif                 Harold L Hunt II       
lftp                    Mark Blackburn          !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 2.6.8; we only have 2.6.6)
libbz2_0                Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-01-26
libdb2                  Nicholas Wourms         !!! last updated 2002-06-26
libdb2-devel            Nicholas Wourms         !!! last updated 2002-06-26
libgdbm                 Charles Wilson         
libgdbm3                Charles Wilson         
libiconv                Charles Wilson         
  libcharset1           Charles Wilson         
  libiconv2             Charles Wilson         
libintl                 Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2001-12-18
libintl1                Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2001-12-13
libjpeg62               Charles Wilson         
libkpathsea3            Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
libmcrypt               Stefan Hetzl           
  libmcrypt-devel       Stefan Hetzl           
libncurses5             Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2001-09-17
libncurses6             Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-01-09
libpcre                 Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
libpng                  Charles Wilson         
  libpng12              Charles Wilson         
  libpng12-devel        Charles Wilson         
libpng10                Charles Wilson         
  libpng10-devel        Charles Wilson         
libpng2                 Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-01-21
libPropList             Harold L Hunt II       
libreadline4            Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-04-15
libsmi (pending)        Abe Backus             
  libsmi-devel (pending)
                        Abe Backus             
  libsmi-tools (pending)
                        Abe Backus             
libtool                 Charles Wilson         
libtool-devel           Charles Wilson         
  libltdl3              Charles Wilson         
libtool-stable          Charles Wilson         
libungif                Lapo Luchini            !!! last updated 2002-07-14
libxerces-c21           Abe Backus             
libxerces-c22           Abe Backus             
libxml2                 Gerrit P. Haase        
libxslt                 Gerrit P. Haase        
lilypond                Bertalan Fodor         
  lilypond-doc          Bertalan Fodor         
links                   Sami Tikka              !!! last updated 2002-01-23
login                   Corinna Vinschen       
lynx                    Corinna Vinschen       
m4                      Christopher Faylor     
make                    Christopher Faylor     
man                     Christopher Faylor     
mc                      Pavel Tsekov           
mhash                   Stefan Hetzl           
  mhash-devel           Stefan Hetzl           
mingw                   Christopher Faylor     
mingw-runtime           Earnie Boyd            
mingw-zlib              Charles Wilson         
mktemp                  Charles Wilson         
mod_auth_mysql          Stipe Tolj             
mod_auth_ntsec          Stipe Tolj             
mod_dav                 Stipe Tolj             
mod_php4                Stipe Tolj             
mod_ssl                 Stipe Tolj             
more                    Joshua Daniel Franklin  !!! last updated 2002-03-28
mt                      Corinna Vinschen       
mutt                    Gary R. Van Sickle     
naim                    Daniel Reed            
nano                    Gareth Pearce          
nasm                    Dean Scarff            
ncftp                   Hack Kampbjorn          !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 3.1.6; we only have 3.1.4) !!! last updated 2002-07-30
ncurses                 Charles Wilson         
  libncurses-devel      Charles Wilson         
  libncurses7           Charles Wilson         
  ncurses-demo          Charles Wilson         
netcat                  Corinna Vinschen       
nfs-server (pending)    Sam Robb               
ns (pending)            Harold L Hunt II       
  nam (pending)         Harold L Hunt II       
openbox                 Harold L Hunt II       
opengl                  Andre Bleau             !!! last updated 2002-03-21
openssh                 Corinna Vinschen       
openssl                 Corinna Vinschen       
openssl-devel           Corinna Vinschen       
openssl096              Corinna Vinschen       
otcl (pending)          Harold L Hunt II       
  libotcl0 (pending)    Harold L Hunt II       
  libotcl-devel (pending)
                        Harold L Hunt II       
par                     Lapo Luchini           
patch                   Corinna Vinschen       
patchutils              Elfyn McBratney         !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 0.2.24; we only have 0.2.22)
pcre                    Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
  libpcre0              Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
  pcre-devel            Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
  pcre-doc              Ronald Landheer-Cieslak
pdksh                   Elfyn McBratney        
perl                    Gerrit P. Haase        
  perl_manpages         Gerrit P. Haase        
pine                    Eduardo Chappa         
pinfo                   Joshua Daniel Franklin 
pkgconfig               Charles Wilson         
ploticus (pending)      Jari Aalto             
popt                    Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-06-09
  libpopt0              Charles Wilson          !!! last updated 2002-06-09
postgresql              Jason Tishler          
procmail                Jason Tishler          
procps                  Chris January           !!! last updated 2002-09-20
proftpd                 Jason Tishler          
psutils                 Daniel Boesswetter     
python                  Jason Tishler          
rcs                     Stipe Tolj              !!! last updated 2002-04-18
readline                Charles Wilson         
  libreadline5          Charles Wilson         
rebase                  Jason Tishler          
regex                   Corinna Vinschen       
robots                  Corinna Vinschen       
rpm                     Dario Alcocer          
  rpm-build             Dario Alcocer          
  rpm-doc               Dario Alcocer          
rsync                   Lapo Luchini           
ruby                    Corinna Vinschen       
rxvt                    Steve Osborn           
sed                     Corinna Vinschen       
setsid                  Corinna Vinschen       
setup                   Robert Collins         
sgrep (pending)         Jari Aalto             
sh-utils                Christopher Faylor     
sharutils               Corinna Vinschen       
shutdown                Corinna Vinschen       
splint                  Elfyn McBratney        
squid                   Robert Collins          !!! last updated 2002-07-16
ssmtp                   Corinna Vinschen       
stunnel                 Marcel Telka           
subversion (pending)    Dave Slusher           
sunrpc                  Sam Robb               
SWI-Prolog              Corinna Vinschen       
swig                    Gerald S (Jerry) Willia
sysvinit                Sergey Okhapkin         !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 2.85; we only have 2.84)
tar                     Christopher Faylor     
tclcl (pending)         Harold L Hunt II       
tcltk                   Christopher Faylor     
tcm (pending)           Daniel Boesswetter     
tcp_wrappers            Prentis Brooks          !!! last updated 2002-06-26
tcsh                    Corinna Vinschen       
termcap                 Christopher Faylor     
terminfo                Charles Wilson         
tetex                   Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  tetex-base            Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  tetex-doc             Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  tetex-extra           Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  tetex-tiny            Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
tetex-bin               Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  libkpathsea3abi13     Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  tetex-devel           Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
  tetex-x11             Jan Nieuwenhuizen      
tetrix (pending)        Andrew B. Clegg        
texinfo                 Christopher Faylor      !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 4.6; we only have 4.2) !!! last updated 2002-10-11
textutils               Matthew Smith           !!! last updated 2002-02-19
tidy                    Lapo Luchini           
tiff                    Charles Wilson         
  libtiff-devel         Charles Wilson         
  libtiff3              Charles Wilson         
  libtiff4              Charles Wilson         
time                    Christopher Faylor     
tin                     Corinna Vinschen        !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 1.6.2; we only have 1.6.1)
transfig                Harold L Hunt II       
ttcp                    Stanislav Sinyagin      !!! last updated 2002-02-21
ucl                     Lapo Luchini            !!! last updated 2002-04-17
units                   John Morrison           !!! last updated 2001-12-20
unzip                   Charles Wilson         
upx                     Lapo Luchini            !!! last updated 2002-12-18
uw-imap                 Abe Backus             
  uw-imap-util          Abe Backus             
  uw-imap-imapd         Abe Backus             
  c-client              Abe Backus             
vim                     Corinna Vinschen       
w32api                  Earnie Boyd            
wget                    Hack Kampbjorn          !!! last updated 2002-12-18
which                   Corinna Vinschen       
whois                   Mark Bradshaw          
WindowMaker             Harold L Hunt II       
wtf                     Igor Pechtchanski      
x2x                     Harold L Hunt II       
Xaw3d                   Harold L Hunt II       
xerces-c                Abe Backus             
  libxerces-c23         Abe Backus             
  xerces-c-devel        Abe Backus             
  xerces-c-doc          Abe Backus             
xfig-base               Harold L Hunt II       
xfig-bin                Harold L Hunt II       
xfig-doc                Harold L Hunt II       
xfig-etc                Harold L Hunt II       
xfig-lib                Harold L Hunt II       
xfig-man                Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86                 Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-base            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-bin             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-bin-icons       Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-doc             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-docs            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-etc             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-f100            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-fcyr            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-fenc            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-fnts            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-fscl            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-fsrv            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-html            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-jdoc            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-lib             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-lib-compat      Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-man             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-nest            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-prog            Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-prt             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-ps              Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-startup-scripts Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-vfb             Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-xserv           Harold L Hunt II       
XFree86-xwinclip        Harold L Hunt II       
xgraph                  Harold L Hunt II       
xinetd                  Sergey Okhapkin         !!! stale version (freshmeat lists 2.3.12; we only have 2.3.9) !!! last updated 2002-12-31
xmlto                   Marcel Telka           
xpm-nox                 Charles Wilson         
zip                     Charles Wilson         
zlib                    Charles Wilson         
zsh                     Peter A. Castro        

                           Maintainers' Package List

Dario Alcocer           !!! ghostscript    !!! ghostscript-ba !!! ghostscript-x1 
                        rpm                rpm-build          rpm-doc            
Abe Backus              c-client           libxerces-c21      libxerces-c22      
                        libxerces-c23      uw-imap            uw-imap-imapd      
                        uw-imap-util       xerces-c           xerces-c-devel     
Mark Blackburn          !!! lftp           
Andre Bleau             !!! opengl         
Daniel Boesswetter      psutils            
Earnie Boyd             mingw-runtime      w32api             
Mark Bradshaw           whois              
Prentis Brooks          !!! tcp_wrappers   
Joe Buehler             !!! emacs          !!! emacs-el       !!! emacs-X11      
Teun Burgers            cgoban             fltk               !!! gnugo          
Peter A. Castro         zsh                
Eduardo Chappa          pine               
Robert Collins          !!! dpkg           setup              !!! squid          
DJ Delorie              !!! clear          
Carl Ebrey              !!! figlet         
Christopher Faylor      _update-info-dir   !!! bc             binutils           
                        bison              !!! byacc          !!! ccache         
                        cygwin             !!! dejagnu        diffutils          
                        !!! ed             !!! expect         fileutils          
                        !!! findutils      flex               gdb                
                        !!! gperf          !!! grep           !!! groff          
                        gzip               less               m4                 
                        make               man                mingw              
                        sh-utils           tar                tcltk              
                        termcap            !!! texinfo        time               
Bertalan Fodor          lilypond           lilypond-doc       
Joshua Daniel Franklin  cygwin-doc         !!! more           pinfo              
Gerrit P. Haase         antiword           check              db4.1              
                        !!! enscript       expat              !!! gcc            
                        gcc-ada            gcc-core           gcc-g++            
                        gcc-g77            gcc-gpc            gcc-java           
                        gcc-mingw          gcc-mingw-ada      gcc-mingw-core     
                        gcc-mingw-g++      gcc-mingw-g77      gcc-mingw-gpc      
                        gcc-mingw-java     gcc-mingw-objc     gcc-objc           
                        gcc-testsuite      !!! indent         libdb4.1           
                        libdb4.1-devel     libxml2            libxslt            
                        perl               perl_manpages      
Stefan Hetzl            libmcrypt          libmcrypt-devel    mhash              
William A. Hoffman      cmake              
David Hudson            a2ps               
Pierre A. Humblet       exim               
Harold L Hunt II        fontconfig         freetype2          !!! fvwm           
                        lesstif            libfontconfig-deve libfontconfig1     
                        libfreetype2-devel libfreetype26      libPropList        
                        !!! openbox        transfig           WindowMaker        
                        x2x                Xaw3d              xfig-base          
                        xfig-bin           xfig-doc           xfig-etc           
                        xfig-lib           xfig-man           XFree86            
                        XFree86-base       XFree86-bin        XFree86-bin-icons  
                        XFree86-doc        XFree86-docs       XFree86-etc        
                        XFree86-f100       XFree86-fcyr       XFree86-fenc       
                        XFree86-fnts       XFree86-fscl       XFree86-fsrv       
                        XFree86-html       XFree86-jdoc       XFree86-lib        
                        XFree86-lib-compat XFree86-man        XFree86-nest       
                        XFree86-prog       XFree86-prt        XFree86-ps         
                        XFree86-startup-sc XFree86-vfb        XFree86-xserv      
                        XFree86-xwinclip   xgraph             
Chris January           !!! procps         
Jonathan Kamens         !!! fortune        
Hack Kampbjorn          !!! keychain       !!! ncftp          !!! wget           
Jochen Kuepper          !!! compface       
Serge Lamikhov-Center   !!! ELFIO          
Ronald Landheer-Cieslak aspell-en          bash               libpcre            
                        libpcre0           pcre               pcre-devel         
Simon Liddington        ctags              
Joe Linoff              ccdoc              
Lapo Luchini            gmp                !!! libungif       par                
                        rsync              tidy               !!! ucl            
                        !!! upx            
Elfyn McBratney         !!! patchutils     pdksh              splint             
John Morrison           base-files         base-passwd        !!! units          
Jan Nieuwenhuizen       guile              guile-devel        guile-doc          
                        libguile12         libguile12abi13    libkpathsea3       
                        libkpathsea3abi13  tetex              tetex-base         
                        tetex-bin          tetex-devel        tetex-doc          
                        tetex-extra        tetex-tiny         tetex-x11          
Sergey Okhapkin         !!! agetty         !!! chkconfig      !!! initscripts    
                        !!! sysvinit       !!! xinetd         
Steve Osborn            rxvt               
Gareth Pearce           aspell             aspell-dev         aspell-doc         
                        libaspell15        nano               
Igor Pechtchanski       cocom              jgraph             wtf                
Volker Quetschke        !!! gnupg          !!! grace          
Daniel Reed             naim               
Sam Robb                sunrpc             
Chris Rodgers           editrights         
Kevin P. Roth           !!! curl           curl-devel         
Ryunosuke Satoh         !!! astyle         !!! doxygen        
Dean Scarff             nasm               
Gary R. Van Sickle      mutt               
Stanislav Sinyagin      !!! ttcp           
Matthew Smith           !!! textutils      
Sam Steingold           clisp              
Marcel Telka            docbook-xml42      docbook-xsl        ioperm             
                        stunnel            xmlto              
Sami Tikka              !!! links          
Jason Tishler           fetchmail          postgresql         procmail           
                        proftpd            python             rebase             
Stipe Tolj              !!! apache         mod_auth_mysql     mod_auth_ntsec     
                        mod_dav            mod_php4           mod_ssl            
                        !!! rcs            
Pavel Tsekov            mc                 
Corinna Vinschen        ash                cpio               cron               
                        !!! crypt          cygrunsrv          !!! file           
                        gawk               !!! inetutils      irc                
                        login              lynx               mt                 
                        netcat             openssh            openssl            
                        openssl-devel      openssl096         patch              
                        regex              robots             ruby               
                        sed                setsid             sharutils          
                        shutdown           ssmtp              SWI-Prolog         
                        tcsh               !!! tin            vim                
                        !!! which          
Gerald S (Jerry) Williams
Charles Wilson          autoconf           autoconf-devel     autoconf-stable    
                        automake           automake-devel     automake-stable    
                        bzip2              !!! cvs            cygipc             
                        cygutils           gdbm               gettext            
                        gettext-devel      jbigkit            jpeg               
                        !!! libbz2_0       libbz2_1           libcharset1        
                        libgdbm            libgdbm-devel      libgdbm3           
                        libgdbm4           libgettextpo0      libiconv           
                        libiconv2          !!! libintl        !!! libintl1       
                        libintl2           libjpeg62          libjpeg6b          
                        libltdl3           libncurses-devel   !!! libncurses5    
                        !!! libncurses6    libncurses7        libpng             
                        libpng10           libpng10-devel     libpng12           
                        libpng12-devel     !!! libpng2        !!! libpopt0       
                        !!! libreadline4   libreadline5       libtiff-devel      
                        libtiff3           libtiff4           libtool            
                        libtool-devel      libtool-stable     mingw-zlib         
                        mktemp             ncurses            ncurses-demo       
                        pkgconfig          !!! popt           readline           
                        terminfo           tiff               unzip              
                        xpm-nox            zip                zlib               
Nicholas Wourms         db                 db2                db3.1              
                        !!! libdb2         !!! libdb2-devel   !!! libdb3.1       
                        !!! libdb3.1-devel 

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