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New version of nfs-server for review

A new version of nfs-server is available for testing.  This update
contains bug fixes and should conform to the latest Cygwin packaging

One important note: setting extended group information is disabled
because the calling pattern:


... seems to cause some sort of internal problems under Cygwin,
(provided the calling program has sufficient rights to make these
calls).  After this sequence of calls, stat() and related functions
either fail, or return unexpected values.  We've been able to
reproduce this on only one system, but haven't had any chance to
investigate the possible cause.

* nfs-server-2.2.47-2 (for use with Cygwin 1.5.x):
* Incorporated changes to deal w/64 bit inodes
* nfs-server-config : incorporate suggested improvements from Jari Aalto
* Disabled exports owner file checks under Cygwin
* Disabled setting exented group info under Cygwin

setup.hint  : <>
src package : <>
bin package : <>


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