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RE: [Patch] Resizeable main window

> I've committed Franks code - thanks Frank. I decided not to wait for the
> win98 tests, as it's been 2 weeks, which is IMO enough time for bugs to
> surface, from folk interested in this.
> Gary, I know we spent mucho time heading towards integration of your
> patch, I'm sorry that some of that effort was wasted.

Yeah, that makes two of us.

> I'm sure you have
> a number of non resize related patches outstanding (ironically, the
> reason I had issues with your patch)...

No, not really.  As I've said before, the vast bulk of my work in the latest
round of patches was directly related to getting the resizing to work.  The vast
bulk of Max's work was in getting the small amount of "cleanup" I did along the
way, out of the way.  But we've covered that ad nauseum, and Frank's patch has
been approved and does more, at least short-term, than what I have.

I do have some stuff in window.{cc,h} that may or may not be welcome.  It was
mainly for the resize stuff again.  But Max got everything else AFAIK.

> if you'd like to see those in
> setup, I'm more than happy to review them as usual.
> I've uploaded a new setup. For now, I'm not going to announce this on
> cygwin@ - only folk following the discussion here need to be involved
> until we're happy with the visual appearance. I'm not unhappy with it,
> but Igor was indicating a number of tweaks, and Gary had some thoughts.

I've tried it and it appears to work ok.  My first response though is that the
pages that aren't meant to be resizable need to be prevented from resizing.  I
have code for that, but I don't know if it will work with what Frank's done.

Looking through the code, I'm a bit disturbed that still more global state has
been added in the form of PropSheetData.  I don't understand why this is
necessary.  The way I had it you only needed a global HWND.

Also, this scares the hell out of me: "The code utilizes some "less public"
aspects of property sheets and makes certain assumptions on it's internal
workings [...]."  Frank, can you explain what you mean here?  Does "less public"
== "undocumented" == "even more liable to break than MS's documented stuff"?

Gary R. Van Sickle

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