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Re: Pending Packages List, 2003-10-28 [fontconfig]


Daniel Reed wrote:

Package: fontconfig 2.2.0-1
Description: Font configuration and customization library. (main package)
   Proposer: Harold L Hunt II
       Also: libfontconfig1  [Font configuration and customization library. (runtime)]
       Also: libfontconfig-devel  [Font configuration and customization library. (development)]
 Good to go: Gerrit P. Haase (cygwin-apps-thread.11825) (once problems are addressed)
   Problems: etc/fonts/ should be created by postinstall, not included in tar (cygwin-apps-thread.11825)
             What about those who already have XFree86 installed and do now an install of fontconfig in usr/... then I'll have the libs and headers duplicated. (cygwin-apps-thread.11826)
  Aye votes: Gerrit P. Haase (cygwin-apps-thread.11773) [1/3]
     Status: Package available. Reviewed.
   HOLD-UPS: Not enough votes (need 2 more). Unresolved minor problems.

etc/fonts was fixed in my second request for review:

Installation will be made simultaneously with new XFree86-* packages, so duplicate headers and libs should not be a problem.

In any case, I will probably be posting this soonish.


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