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Re: Do X-related packages developed by myself need ITPs?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 05:30:23PM -0500, Harold L Hunt II wrote:

Should I be doing ITPs and waiting for votes? Is there a less-formal process that package posters use (e.g. Hey, look at this, if no one complains, then I am posting it.)?

If this isn't interesting for cygwin-apps then just let me know and I will send review requests but not an ITP.

As I said before, I felt kind of quilty that I could just upload whatever I wanted... but if everyone is okay with that, then I shouldn't be cluttering this list.

I've always considered the xfree86 part of the release as your fiefdom.
However, I think that the ITP and review process is extremely valuable,
so if you want to avail yourself of it, I think that the packages will
benefit, assuming that there are people here who are willing to review
xfree86 packages.

So, it's your call either way.

Gerrit's review of the fontconfig package certainly helped to improve the package.

Okay. That is good to know. I will probably stick to asking for reviews, but not really waiting for votes (unless people complain loudly :).


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