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Re: [Patch] Resizeable main window

I've committed Franks code - thanks Frank. I decided not to wait for the
win98 tests, as it's been 2 weeks, which is IMO enough time for bugs to
surface, from folk interested in this.

Gary, I know we spent mucho time heading towards integration of your
patch, I'm sorry that some of that effort was wasted. I'm sure you have
a number of non resize related patches outstanding (ironically, the
reason I had issues with your patch)... if you'd like to see those in
setup, I'm more than happy to review them as usual.

I've uploaded a new setup. For now, I'm not going to announce this on
cygwin@ - only folk following the discussion here need to be involved
until we're happy with the visual appearance. I'm not unhappy with it,
but Igor was indicating a number of tweaks, and Gary had some thoughts.

I'm sure that there will be a number of requests from the peanut gallery
relating to this as well ;) I don't have a particular appearance in
mind, so generate patches, lets get some feedback, and when it's cooked,
we can do another release of setup.


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