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Re: fontconfig 2.2.0 - Ready for review

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

Hallo Harold,


The binary packages:

+ Executables are running.

- No postinstall script

- And in the package included (which is wrong, should be created by a
postinstall script and only install them if the user has it not in
place): etc/fonts/

I haven't done this before. I will have to find an example of it somewhere.

The source package:

+ It configures, builds, ... ok. (The lndir trick is amazing;-)

Heh... it is a trick I have often used when a package won't let me build out of the source tree. Others will probably chastise me for it, but it has worked well for me for over two years.

- The patch includes the autotools temp directory:
BTW, this should be patched in the generic build-script to be excluded
when running diff.

Okay, I can exclude that in the build script and try it again.

By the way, what is the policy when making pre-release chagnes like this. Do most people bump the package number from -1 to -2 or is that why I should be including md5sums?

I vote pro fontconfig.



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