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AW: AW: [PATCH] setup - help and local dir command line optionswas"Re: Setup Command Line Options"

> On Sat, 2003-10-25 at 22:23, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > > This is in the wrong place: LocalDirSetting::load is the
> right method to
> > > query the option from.
> > >
> > While thinking about this a while more, I recognized that there
> is some more
> > basic work necessary how to design the command line interface.
> > Are there any other requests or hints about the design ?
> I've roughed stuff out here before, I think. Anywhere, here goes a quick
> brain dump.
I need more time to think about what you have written and how to start with
which class, but let me ask one question now, perhaps you can fix this:

Have you tried to compile the inilint example in the last time ? I have to
add so many additional files because of dependencies and the last one
'threebar.o' one introduce a gui class, so the example could not be build as
console application :-(

These one I have to add
	package_version.$(OBJEXT) package_db.$(OBJEXT) \
	cygpackage.$(OBJEXT) package_meta.$(OBJEXT) package_source.$(OBJEXT)  \
	compress.$(OBJEXT) compress_gz.$(OBJEXT) compress_bz.$(OBJEXT)
hash.$(OBJEXT) log.$(OBJEXT) \
	mklink2.$(OBJEXT) mount.$(OBJEXT) msg.$(OBJEXT) state.$(OBJEXT)
dialog.$(OBJEXT) script.$(OBJEXT) download.$(OBJEXT) threebar.$(OBJEXT)\


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